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2017 Mystery Quilt Icon3This is an Education Committee project. The piecing is easy and the blocks are large so it makes a good sized quilt with fewer blocks.  It makes a beautiful Christmas quilt if you want to use Christmas fabrics, or a nice quilt for juveniles if you want to use a themed fabric as your main fabric (Superman, Disney, etc.). The possibilities are endless. A new step will be available on the first of each month. You are encouraged to finish your quilt to show at the October 2017 meeting. We would like to see as many finished projects as possible.

NOTE:  You may want to consider using a dark color for your background and light to medium colors for the main and contrasting fabrics.

Fabric Requirements (PDF)
Cutting Instructions (PDF)
Assembly Instructions Step 1 (PDF)
Assembly Instructions Step 2 (PDF)
Assembly Instructions Final Step (PDF)

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