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As a non-profit corporation, one of the main objectives of the Guild is service to our community. How do we go about serving the community? We serve the community by donating quilts to organizations and groups that approach us with their needs. Our members also let us know of special needs in the community, like victims of the Sockeye Fire in the summer of 2015. In 2016 the VQG donated over 166 items, most of them quilts, to various organizations and individuals in the Valley area. Some of the organizations to which VQG donates regularly are Project Linus, The Children's Place, HeartReach Center, Red Cross, Alaska Family Services (Women's Shelter), Alaska Center for Resource Families, and others.

The Service Committee organizes the making of quilts from VQG supplies, commonly referred to as “Service Quilts”. Some quilts are started from scratch and some are completed from donations of partially completed quilts. The Service Committee also manages the donation of completed quilts, and other items, to the Valley community. Some organizations that have an on-going need receive donations monthly, quarterly, or annually, and some receive donations on an as-needed or as-available basis. The Guild also supports various organizations by supplying quilts for their major fund-raising events.

The Guild has a great stash of fabric, most of which has been accumulated as donations through the years. Fabric is available to members for selection to make Service Quilts and Fair Projects. This fabric can be used to try a pattern of any quilt size to do a quilt top for donation to Service Projects or Fair Projects. At each meeting the Service Cart has various projects on it which can be taken home to be worked on (kits for quilt tops, borders to be sewn on, quilts to be quilted, binding to be sewn on) and returned when that step is done.

Birthday Quilts

Fabric is also available for selection for the making of Birthday Quilts. What you may ask, are Birthday Quilts? In the early days of the Guild a guideline was established that encouraged ALL members to donate a quilt, of any size, annually to Service. As a remembrance for when to make the donation, birthdays were voted as the date [although the donation can really be made any time during the year]. The practice was established to try to bring in more finished quilts that could be gifted to those in need.

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February Fat Quarter - Stripe Fabric

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