The Valley Quilters Guild, Inc. was formed in


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Full Membership shall consist of any adult age


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Portraits of Alaska Quilt 86" X 98" Pattern

2024 Raffle Quilt

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Welcome to Valley Quilters Guild

Are you a new or seasoned quilter looking for a way to connect with others and help our community?   ​ The purpose of this organization is to: 1.Contribute to the knowledge and appreciation of fine quilts; 2.Sponsor and support quilting activities; 3.Encourage quilt making and collecting; and 4.Promote the growth of knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles, patterns, history, and quilt makers. ​ We hold a Membership Meeting once a month to be inspired, to learn more about our craft, and to fellowship with other quilters.  Guests are welcome! ​ Our Open Sew meeting are also held once a month on a Saturday from 10:00am until 11:30pm.  Just imagine a whole day of uninterrupted quilting... Can it get any better than that? ​ How to become a member of Valley Quilters Guild... Membership is open to anyone over the age of 13 (13-17 with responsible adult). Beginning quilters are welcome and encouraged.…