June Education News


Sat, Jun 24 “Barn Quilt Class” 10-5, United Presbyterian Church (log church by Borough), 713 S. Denali St, Palmer. Signup on website. $32 for class and supplies (paint, brushes, etc.), $11 additional if you need 1 or more boards to paint. Nice to hang on your barn, garage, house, other bldgs.             Class max of 20.     

 Taught by Sharon Hillstrom, who will have patterns to choose from.



Barn Quilts from last year’s class.

Fri, Sep 15 “Cube Table Runner” 10-5, Location TBA * $20 * Signup on website.
Taught by Ruth Sielaff

Sat, Oct 21 “French Braid Simplified” 10-5, Location TBA * $20 – on website by July.
Taught by Melanie Brown

Sat, Nov 4 “Blooming Nine Patch” by Darcey Tredway (info on web by July)


Pic from book – available on Amazon

CHALLENGES FOR 2023: Info is on the website. 

Challenge #1: “Logo Challenge” Feb-Oct. Pattern is on the website under “Members Only – Handouts”. Make and decorate as you wish and wear to the October Annual Mtg. Watch for a demo day for this at an Open Sew and/or a video.

Challenge #2: “5 UFO Challenge” Feb-Oct. Includes 5 UFOs you want to complete in 2023. Clear instructions are on the website under Events & Challenges. Prize: For each UFO completed and checked off, you get a ticket to win a quilting Goodie Basket. Members may donate to this container when it is at meetings. Please turn in a card with your 5 UFOs so we can check off completed ones. For new or no-UFO members, list 5 items you would like to make in 2023 and turn those in.   You can photograph your card to remember your items.

Challenge #3: “2023 Block of the Month Crayon Challenge”. STILL OPEN to choose two crayons at Education without looking. IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE YOUR CRAYONS, COME AND CHOOSE 1 MORE and enter it under your name. Make a quilt or other item with one of the 2023 BOMs, which are on the website, using all shades of the colors you chose + optional white, off-white, or black background.  Quilts/quilted items must be completed. Runs Mar-Dec, with quilts displayed and member voting. The quilt with the most votes will receive a $15 Sylvia’s Gift Certificate.  

Sat, June 3  OPEN SEW

AccuQuilt training by Jeannie and Gloria Snodgrass went well. When more are interested, we will repeat the training.

1 PM –  Technique Demo: Melanie – Half Square Triangle (HST) demo of various options of how to make, plus Melanie will show how to make “Julie’s Block”, a block Julie Martin drafted with HSTs.
2 PM – July 2023 BOM Demo:  “Hourglass Star” – A video of Kathy Buirge’s BOM demo, with dark blue and gold, will be shown,  1 Entry = 1 block.

BOMs 2023: Make 1-2 (sometimes 2-4) BOMs for the monthly drawing. For each entry = eligible to win the BOMs and Education’s FQ packet in next month’s BOM colors.

June, 2023 BOM – “Friendship Bee”


Use two 8” squares:  A jewel tone and a white on white/tone on tone. Unfinished size (when squared) is 8 ¾”. Pinterest link to a picture tutorial is with the June BOM on the website. Then click on the block name to go to the instructions. A YouTube of the demo by Melanie Brown is also on the website with the block. 

July 2023 BOM – “Hourglass Star”

Made with a 10” Dark Blue and 10” Gold. Links to videos are on the website for the July BOM. 

Bucket List Continues for 2023: Entries please on note cards available at Education.

 You may use as many notecards as you want, stapled together, with name & year 2023.                    

      You may cut & paste typed BOMs onto notecards.

  • Quilts begun in 2022 or before * One entry per completed UFO * New entries up to March 31.
  • New members who join after March can enter a UFO card or enter items they want to make in 2023.
  • Each quilt or quilted item completed = eligible for monthly Quilt Shop $15 Gift Certificate 
  • Text/Email Jeannie Snodgrass photo/description or bring photo or quilt to the Guild Mtg to check off and get a ticket 

*Technique Videos are on the Website. Look for Ree Moffitt’s Flange Binding (7 short YouTubes with links) and Judy Morrison’s demos of Borders Made on the Ironing Board, plus a group discussion. Also see a number of other helpful videos. BOM videos by Ed members will be with each month’s BOM. Layer Cake YouTubes are included on the website. 

March Graphing Contest:  Blocks you submitted are becoming 2024 BOMs. One by Julie Martin will be shown by Melanie Brown at the June Open Sew HST demo as “Julie’s Block” and how to make it.

June Drawings: 

1) Guild drawing of Dk Blue and Gold FQs for July’s “Disappearing Hourglass Star”.

2) June “Friendship Bee: BOMs – Winner gets the 2 blocks on posterboard, need to finish the beginning one. 

3) Ed BOM FQ packet of Dk Blue and Gold for July’s BOM – for those who entered the June BOM.

4) Bucket List Winner 

June Education Quilt Class Display:

*Barn Quilt Class Patterns by Sharon Hillstrom for Sat, June 24 class                                    

*French Braid Simplified – Melanie sample for Oct class                                                                                       *Cube Table Runner – Ruth sample for Sep class                                                                                             *“Blooming Nine Patch” – Darcey’s quilt for Nov 4 class                                                                                        Goodie Basket for October’s UFO Challenge winner. Members can donate if they want. 

PRECUT ZOOM EVENTS – Zoom link-website under “Events”.

Charm (5” squares) Zoom Day will be Sat, Sep 30, with checkins at 10 AM, 1 PM, and 5 PM.  Show progress at 5 PM, chance to win charm packs at Oct guild meeting. 

VQG Common Terms Document: Look for copies at the check-in table and at Education to help members better understand drawings and various guild events. 


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