June Service News

Service Committee  

In May, we took in 27 quilts, including several Sew for Service baby quilts and lots  of quilts made and donated by guild members and their friends!  

Thank you! 

Thanks to you, we are moving the quilt kits through the process: 

 … we’ve had volunteers cheerfully selecting fabric for borders, measuring it  out, and sewing it on!  

 … we’ve ordered fresh new backing fabrics in lovely colors and patterns, and  we’re busy pairing that up with tops and batting! 

 … we’re cutting fabric donations constantly, creating kits for tops with fun  new patterns! 

Please stop by during our work parties, on guild meeting day, and during Open  Sew to check out these fabulous kits!  

Oh yeah – if you have any spare zipper bags 2 gallon or larger (like the ones  bedding comes in at box stores) — Service sure could use them! 

If the quilt top you are making for Service does not have traditional  borders, please “stay stitch” the edges securely – this is an important step  in preparing the quilt for quilting and eases the work of our long armers! 

Birthday Quilts – Our birthday quilt list is slowly growing, and you are invited to  join the list of those eligible to win a $50 gift certificate to a local quilt shop at the  end of the year! Make a quilt, at least 45” x 65”, and donate it to Service in honor  of your birthday! 

Fabric Donations What are you really going to do with 

all those scraps?  

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by your fabric stash  

and want to tidy up your creative sewing space — bring  

your left-over pieces of high quality quilting cotton  

fabric to the Service committee! Your generous  

donations are THE primary way we obtain fabric to use  

for Service quilts.  

Here’s one example of a lap quilt made with donated fabric:

Next work party is June, 1st beginning around  

1:00pm (next Guild meeting day). You are welcome to  

come lend a hand as we work on kits for Service  

quilts, process donations of quilts and fabric, cut  

batting, and much more!  

We’re specifically hoping a few folks will bring their machines and help piece  backings and sew on borders.  

Happy Sewing! 

Susan Franznick, your Service Committee Chair 

 and the entire Service Committee Team

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