Service Committee

The Service Committee organizes the making of quilts from VQG supplies, commonly
referred to as “Service Quilts.” Some quilts are started from scratch and some are
completed from donations of partially completed quilts. The Service Committee also
manages the donation of completed quilts and other items to the Mat-Su Valley
community. Some organizations that have an on-going need receive donations monthly,
quarterly, or annually, and some receive donations on an as-needed or as-available basis.
The Guild also supports various organizations by supplying quilts for their major
fundraising events.
The Guild has a great stash of fabric, most of which has been accumulated as donations
through the years. Fabric is available to members to make Service Quilts, Fair Projects
and other Guild projects. At each meeting, the Service Cart has various projects on it
which can be taken home to be worked on (kits for quilt tops, borders to be sewn on, quilts
to be quilted, binding to be sewn on, etc.) and returned when that step is done.

How can you support the Service Committee?

• Join the Committee. • Participate in the “Birthday Quilt” Challenge.
• Donate high quality quilting cotton you no longer want/need.
• Come to a Work Session which is held on most Membership Meeting days starting at 1:00pm. Check the monthly newsletter for confirmation.
• Check out a kit from the Service Cart (piecing a top, sew on borders, sew on binding, etc.)
• Donate quilt tops you may not want to finish.

What is the “Birthday Quilt” Challenge?

The Service Committee has issued this challenge for each member to donate a finished quilt to the Guild in honor of their own birthday.
• Donate a quilt, 45” x 65” or larger to the Guild.
• You will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift card at the end of the year.
• You may enter this challenge only once per year.
• Service fabric, backing, and/or batting may be used for making the quilt. Items may be selected from the Service stash on Meeting days prior to 5:00pm, or
on Open Sew days when a Service Committee member is in attendance.  Please have available how much yardage you need.
Refer to the “Fabric Etiquette” page below for more information about using Service fabric.

VQG Fabric Etiquette 2023 Update